All About People Consulting

Brand Story

This is the sole reason why All About People is formed.
The 3 persons represented in the logo- Claudia, Abby, and Chelly believed in one another and their personal stories became the strong foundation of the company.
Claudia realized that she has allotted a huge part of her life to HR corporate career and decided to start anew by establishing her own HR Consulting company. While doing her HR Consultancy, a lot of previous corporate colleagues still came to her for talent searches which eventually urged her to include executive search in her company’s list of services. People believed in her skill so Claudia got the courage to use her years of experience as an HR practitioner. She started All About People Consulting which beams positive energy and a happy mindset which is an extension of who she is as a person. With demands escalating out of her hands, Claudia started to slowly scale up and build her own team. It was then that Abby, also a seasoned HR practitioner and previous colleague of Claudia expressed her intention to join and become a partner in growing All About People Consulting.
Abby has always looked up to Claudia for her HR leadership skills. Through Claudia, Abby learned that other than being competent in what you do, it is also very important to show kindness, compassion and fairness with the people that you work with every day. The personality and HR mastery of Claudia made Abby believe that she has what it takes to step up in her HR profession and dive into All About People Consulting. With more clients coming in, Claudia and Abby knew that they need an additional member to help them in all the administrative requirements of the business. Abby personally knew Chelly as a simple woman who is skilled, driven, and passionate in life. Despite having no HR background, Claudia and Abby believed that Chelly will be an essential part of their team.
Chelly has been looking for career development that will push her out of her comfort zone and discover other skills that she can do. Despite not being familiar with the HR function, Chelly believes that she can learn and excel in the role with the trust and patience that Claudia and Abby give to her. She represents individuals who are not knowledgeable in the field but have the drive and the passion that All About People Consulting dedicates their time and energy to.
Each and every person has a heart to trust, a skill to tap, a word to honor, and a purpose to be fulfilled. All About People Consulting exists to connect and empower individuals to make a difference and positively impact others too. All About People Consulting is an instrument and a bridge that unleash potential talents and connect them to a world of opportunities as well as helping companies in implementing people strategies that will ultimately help the business achieve its full potential.
Here in All About People Consulting, we believe that with our sincere intentions to help anchored on competency, respect and trust, we will be blessed to work with more clients and talents in the future. More than just the financial gains, we will always remember that it is really important to believe in the kindness, potential and greatness in people because that is the core of our company’s humble beginning.